• Online registration Forms
    We are using a new online service called [Register with a GP surgery] that makes it easy to register with this GP surgery. Just fill in this quick online form to start the process. You do not need proof of address or immigration status, ID or an NHS number. The service is designed and run by the… Read more: Online registration Forms
  • Patient Feedback
  • Welcome to Edenbridge Medical Practice
    How to Make and Cancel an Appointment Make an Appointment Patients no longer need to telephone to book an appointment with a clinician. You must now complete a simple on line form via our website, which allows you submit a short medical or administrative query to the Surgery for review by our  GP Triage Team. The form… Read more: Welcome to Edenbridge Medical Practice
  • Extended Hours-Enhanced Access
    We have out of hours GP appointments available on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and a Wednesday morning. We have out of hours Nurse appointments available on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning and Thursday evening.
  • Practice closures 2024
    Bank Holidays 2024 Monday 1st January 2024 Friday 29th March 2024 Monday 1st April 2024 Monday 6th May 2024 Monday 27th May 2024 Monday 26th August 2024 Wednesday 25th December 2024 Thursday 26th December 2024 The surgery will be closed in the afternoon from 1pm for staff training on the following dates: The Integrated Care… Read more: Practice closures 2024
  • Patient Access
    To have access to Patient access you need to complete a form at the surgery and bring Identification with you so that we can sign you up to use this. On patient access you are able to order repeat medication and see blood test results.
  • Repeat Prescriptions
    Please note that unless you are housebound we cannot accept any repeat prescription ordering over the telephone. You can order on-line, via an app or return the repeat prescription form. We have two boxes to drop the forms into. We have one outside and one located in the reception near the dispensary.
  • Care Co-ordinators
    The Care Co-ordinator specialises in care needs. We can offer help with elderly and frail patients. We are able to advise and signpost patients to different organisations to help them. This includes: Physio, Social Care, Carers needs, Safeguarding, OT assessments and supporting Carers with information to help care for their family. We help to network… Read more: Care Co-ordinators
  • Seeing your GP
    Many of our appointments are taken up with common ailments. Did you know Boots or Paydens can help you with many ailments that you may think needs to be checked by a GP. They can see common problems such as: Chickenpox, Cold and Cough symptoms/flu/nasal/congestion/temperature/fever Cold sores, Conjunctivitis, Constipation, Cystitis, Diarrhea, Ear wax softening, Eczema/contact dermatitis/dry… Read more: Seeing your GP
  • General Data Protection Regulation
    Edenbridge Medical Practice: Practice privacy notice. Edenbridge Medical Practice has a legal duty to explain how we use any personal information we collect about you, as a registered patient at the practice. Staff at this practice maintain records about your health and the treatment you receive in electronic and paper format. There have been posts… Read more: General Data Protection Regulation
  • Mobile Telephone Numbers
    It is important that we have up-to-date contact details for you, so we can let you know about screenings, vaccinations and appointment reminders. If you have changed your mobile number or email address recently, you can add it to your NHS record by following the guidance about managing your NHS account. To help us send… Read more: Mobile Telephone Numbers
  • Electronic Prescribing Service
    We are now using EPS (Electronic Prescribing Service) at the surgery.  If you have nominated a chemist your prescriptions will be forwarded electronically rather than on paper. This will not alter the way that you request your medication.  Please continue to request your medication in the same way that you currently do. If you work… Read more: Electronic Prescribing Service
  • Appointments/Telephone calls/Messages for your GP
    Our telephone lines are extremely busy first thing in the mornings, especially on a Monday and during lunchtimes.  If your matter is not urgent you can use e.Consult or try later during the day when the phones should be less busy.  Please also listen to the options and choose the correct department for your needs. … Read more: Appointments/Telephone calls/Messages for your GP
  • Equality Act
    All patients and staff should be treated equally with respect, professionalism and caring. It is against the law to discriminate against anyone because of: age being or becoming a transsexual person being married or in a civil partnership being pregnant or having a child disability race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin religion, belief… Read more: Equality Act
  • Telephone Calls/Surgery E-mail
    Please can we ask that you do not use our email for any medical, clinical and prescription requests or urgent matters.  Any clinical matters should be either discussed with an appointment, telephone call with your GP, or message left at Reception. If your query is urgent, then this can be directed to your GP via… Read more: Telephone Calls/Surgery E-mail
    Have your say with the Patient Participation Group, please email; You can also receive our newsletters online and  be part of an online Forum for the Edenbridge Patient Participation Group. To register your interest please go to the Patient Participation icon in the blue ribbon above and click on the drop down form to enter… Read more: JOIN OUR PATIENT PARTICIPATION FORUM – HAVE YOUR SAY
    We would like patients to enrol in a new Patient Forum which would enable you to be part of the PPG. PPG stands for Patient Participation Group. We are a group that meets with the Practice Manager quarterly with questions and issues so that we can bring what they community need and are requesting. If… Read more: EDENBRIDGE PATIENT PARTICIPATION GROUP – new members