Seeing your GP

Many of our appointments are taken up with common ailments.

Did you know Boots or Paydens can help you with many ailments that you may think needs to be checked by a GP.  If you do not pay for your prescriptions they can dispense medication for free, covering:

Chickenpox, Cold and Cough symptoms/flu/nashal/congestion/temperature/fever

Cold sores, Conjunctivitis, Constipation, Cystitis, Diarrhoea, Ear wax softening, Exzema/contact dermatitis/dry skin/allegic rashes

Fungal skin infections, Hay Fever/season allergic rhinitis, Head Lice, Indigestion/dyspepsia, Insect Bites & stings.

Pain Рonly acute Рincluding headache, toothache, earache.  (persistent chronic pain would need a GP appointment.

Soft tissue injury, Sore Throat, Threadworm, Thrush.

Minor Injuries Dept РEdenbridge Hospital 

Please see our page covering the ailments that Minor Injuries at Edenbridge Hospital can help you with.