Patient Survey Results 2012-2013



The Edenbridge Patient Participation Group has continued to work on behalf of patients giving the practice valuable insight and reaction.

Currently we have 10 regular members consisting of 5 male and 5 female patient members.  Mr Stuart Young, Chairman and Mr Peter Brook, Secretary of the PPG.  The PPG covers a wide range of interests and we have made efforts to engage those working with youth and carers.

The Group represents wide ranging skills and expertise from community organisations, town council  and general patient list.  The age range is between 38 and 74.  Included in the Group is a local community youth worker who has been instrumental in the new Eden Valley centre.  We continue with close ties to Carer’s First.

The survey has been made available through our website and within the practice ensuring that this has been adequately advertised in the surgery.  In consultation with the Edenbridge Patient Participation Group the results of the GP survey have been discussed and the practice intentions made available to our patients.  The results of the 2012/2013 survey were circulated to the PPG prior to a meeting to discuss all aspects.

The 2012/2013 GP Survey responses highlighted:

Good remarks:

Patients were very happy with overall service from the practice; Outstanding Doctors; Dispensary is very good; Evening surgery invaluable; Touch screen welcome; Travel clinics


Provision of a baby/children’s designated area; ring back facility; tarmac front garden; Cardiologist at Edenbridge Memorial Hospital; multiple responses suggesting expansion of hospital site; designated passenger drop off spot – all suggestions will be considered in the light of practicality and fiscal restraints.

Top 10 dissatisfactions:

Inability to get appointments

  • The practice appreciates that there have been considerable changes for patients in the last 2 years with Doctors leaving and joining the practice
  • Our new doctors are settling to their positions and trust that our patients will find continuity and availability has improved
  • We do appreciate that during times of adverse weather conditions and/or Doctor/Nurse illness availability will not be optimum but we do accommodate all patients who are in need of urgent medical attention or advice on the day

Car parking inadequate

  • The car park immediately outside the practice is limited and shared with the Dental practice.  However, it is possible to park in the Leisure Centre, free of charge throughout the day

Outgrown premises

  • The practice premises are used to near maximum capability; at the present time there is no financial availability to build a new practice, and no pressing requirement to enlarge the existing building.
  • The practice list size has remained stable over the last 5 years at an average of 11894
  • Since 1 April 2012 there has been an approximate increase of less than 1% @ 1.2.13

Premises ‘tired’

  • Full extent of the hallway, stairs and landing have been redecorated
  • We plan to renovate the Disabled, Ladies and Gentleman’s toilets in 2013/2014

Requirement for continuing Dr/patient relationship

  • The practice operates personal lists to enable continuity for our patients
  • It may not always possible to see your own Doctor and patients may be offered one of 3 assistance doctors to see you.
  • Patients may like to make use of the online services for booking appointments

Part time GPs

  • Recruitment of part time Doctors is unavoidable in today’s workforce and over 50% of new graduates are female many of whom will want to work part time for at least part of their career
  • The practice does have 5 full time doctors in addition to 4 part time doctors

Doors to surgery difficult for disabled persons

  • The practice will investigate the possibilities of differing types of automatic doors that would be appropriate to our particular entrance

Too many Doctor changes

  • As in any business staff changes are unavoidable with today’s more mobile workforce.  However, we hope that we have now entered a time of stability for our patients

Trouble with receptionists

  • Reception staff are requested to ask patients a reason for a telephone call/visit etc.  This enables the Doctors to prioritise their work throughout the day and is invaluable.

Waiting area intercom difficult to hear

  • This will be investigated and does depend upon the level of background noise within the waiting room at any given moment.

Following the 2011/2012 survey discussion with the PPG the practice agreed to take actions and these are listed:

The practice agreed to:

Audit of patients making appointments over the counter between 8am and 8:30am with a view to ensuring that all patients have equal access to Appointments:

The audit from March 2012 to November 2012 revealed an average of 5.16 appointments being taken between 8am and 8:30am.   On average there are approximately 50 ‘on the day’ appointments available for booking each day.

Review the setting of appointment schedules to afford flexibility

The practice has experienced various GP changes and new and additional Doctors are now in place.  We are providing more sessions per week than previously.

Look at staff provision for manning telephones between 8:30am and 9am

At peak times reception and administrative staff are involved in answering patient calls as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

New notices for the disabled bays

It has been agreed that in Spring 2013 we will be re-marking the disabled bays and other sections of the car park to help with congestion

General redecoration of the practice

Redecoration of the main hallway, stairs and upstairs landing has taken place.

Large notice board for features and information to patients:

Notice board is available for information.

Reviewing the practice leaflet and exploring ways of ensuring the as many households have practice information.

Full page in the Edenbridge Directory highlighting our services in the  September October 2012 edition

Renewed practice brochure with the assistance of PPG has been made available

Explanation via website, newsletter etc. why staff may ask simple questions about their ailments in order for GPs to prioritise their work:

Practice Brochure


Reviewed and updated including appropriate links

The Health Information icon on the practice website will direct patients to for information about symptoms and other medical information.

New clock in the waiting room:

This has been arranged

Notice to patients to check with reception if they have been waiting more than 20 minutes for their consultation:

This is on the notice board in the main hallway


Boost your defence against Covid-19 this Spring.

Kent and Medway ICB are running a Covid Spring Booster Vaccination programme at Edenbridge Memorial Health Centre. This is walk-in service and is being run independently to the Surgery. The criteria for the vaccine is mentioned below on the poster. Start date is Monday 29th April 2024.

Boost your defence against Covid-19 this Spring.

If you are in one of the following groups, you can take up the Spring Covid-19 booster offer:

Adults 75 years and over

People aged 18-74 with a weakened immune system

Residents in Care Homes



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