Edenbridge Medical Practice

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Appointments/Telephone calls/Messages for your GP

Our telephone lines are extremely busy first thing in the mornings, especially on a Monday and during lunchtimes.  If your matter is not urgent, please try later during the day when the phones should be less busy.  Please also listen to the options and choose the correct department for your needs.  Your call will be held in a queue and answered when possible.  If you call is urgent or you need a home visit, you can speak to your GP’s secretary and their lines open at 10 a.m.

We are committed to providing a rapid service to our patients, but this is leading to our GPs being overloaded with requests from patients. So that we can deal with your queries more effectively we are instigating a new system.

If you ask for an appointment then our Reception staff will ask you for information regarding your request. They are doing this because the doctors have asked them to; in order that any emergency calls can be given priority, and other calls can be dealt with appropriately, it may be that your query can be dealt with by another member or the team without the need to speak with your GP.

Please, do not say that it is a personal matter, as you will then be offered a next-day telephone appointment instead.

If your request is about medication, then please use option 3 to speak to the Dispensary. They will deal with your query within 2 days. Doctors  will no longer deal with prescription requests via telephone appointments.

Please do not use our email for any medical, clinical or prescription requests or urgent matters.  Clinical matters should be either discussed with an appointment or telephone call.