Electronic Prescribing Service

We are now using EPS (Electronic Prescribing Service) at the surgery.  If you have nominated a chemist your prescriptions will be forwarded electronically rather than on paper.

This will not alter the way that you request your medication.  Please continue to request your medication in the same way that you currently do.

If you work somewhere away from Edenbridge then you can request that your prescriptions are sent there. Please go into the chemist local to your workplace and ask them to add you to EPS, this will then be picked up automatically at the surgery for all your future prescriptions.

If you would like further information please link to NHS website

Equality Act

All patients and staff should be treated equally with respect, professionalism and caring.

It is against the law to discriminate against anyone because of:

being or becoming a transsexual person
being married or in a civil partnership
being pregnant or having a child
race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin religion, belief or lack of religion/belief
sexual orientation.

Telephone Calls/Surgery E-mail

Please can we ask that you do not use our email for any medical, clinical and prescription requests or urgent matters.  Any clinical matters should be either discussed with an appointment, telephone call with your GP, or message left at Reception.

If your query is urgent, then this can be directed to your GP via the secretary.

Repeat prescription requests can be made on-line or by completing a request slip and posting to dispensary or your chemist.

Please listen to the options when ringing the surgery so your call can be directed to the right department. Reception staff are very busy with calls other than for appointments, and your call will be held in a queue and answered as soon as possible.


Have your say with the Patient Participation Group, please email;


You can also receive our newsletters online and  be part of an online Forum for the Edenbridge Patient Participation Group.

To register your interest please go to the Patient Participation icon in the blue ribbon above and click on the drop down form to enter your interest.


We would like patients to enrol in a new Patient Forum which would enable you to be part of the PPG. PPG stands for Patient Participation Group. We are a group that meets with the Practice Manager quarterly with questions and issues so that we can bring what they community need and are requesting.

If you would be interested please send your confirmation that you would be happy that members of the PPG would have access to your personal email address.  Members involved with the PPG committee who would be collating and responding to you have been required to sign our stringent confidentiality policy.

Please send your confirmation and email address to our secure website at:


Patient Participation Group | Oswald Medical Centre