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Dr Morrison’s retirement

message to Dr Simon Morrison’s patients

Dear All,

I would like to have written to each of you personally, but I’m sure you’ll understand that was not possible.  I am leaving the practice in the near future, and we want to let you know the arrangements for my replacement.

We are delighted to have recruited two excellent, younger doctors.  I have met both of them and can assure you that both of them are highly intelligent, interested in people and personal care, and want to make a long-term commitment to the Edenbridge Practice.

Dr Chrissie Trice is arriving in mid-June and will take over half my patients (A-I), while I continue to look after the other half.  She trained at St Bartholomew’s Hospital (“Barts”) and the London Hospital, and is currently working in Bexley.  Then, in August Dr Mark Harris arrives and takes over the other half (J-Z) and I will depart.  He trained in Bristol and is currently working in Westerham.

I have loved my time in Edenbridge, and loved the patient contact. We Edenbridge doctors are very fortunate to have a great bunch of patients, so the vast majority of our contacts are positive, even when they have been over difficult matters.  I hope you feel that I have at least always tried hard to get it right for you, and I apologise for those occasions when I didn’t get it right.

I am not moving away from Edenbridge, so may bump into many of you in Waitrose – or, soon, Lidl- or not quite so soon, but yes, it is coming- the new medical centre, which I will attend as a patient, not as a doctor!

Goodbye and thank you for 27.5 very enjoyable years,

Simon Morrison